"Snow" on the Mountain

Tabaxi Barbarian


HP: 23
A/C: 15
PP: 12
PI: 9
Saves: STR/CON
STR: 14
DEX: 16
CON: 15
INT: 8
WIS: 10
CHA: 11


Snow was born in the high mountainous region in southern Maztica he often found himself the subject of curiosity as most other Tabaxi in the area had coats of darker hues, browns, tans, black, or stripes, that would help them blend into the surroundings of the warm mountains they inhabited during the seasons. Snow was not any of these, he was born with a fur coat of pure white, and as he got older light grey circles of fur began to form. He was born with an odd temperament, seemly calm on the outside to most onlookers most of the time he would sometimes burst out in immense anger, which considering his usual demeanor, was very out of place. As he got older he was scouted to become one of the clans blood guard, a group of warriors who would entice themselves into a frenzy before rushing headlong into combat.

While scouting one winter snow and his small group came across a group of humans, they seemed to be lost. At first the group debated on what to do with the human party, likely traders, but it was decided by the group leader that they would do nothing, if the humans had the strength to make it this far into the mountains and jungles, they could find their way out, or they were not strong enough to survive to begin with, nature these matters out.

Later that, Snow left by himself, driven by curiosity, it was his first time seeing humans before and he was drawn to their odd appearance, they were light nothing he had ever fought or hunted. He found the group of humans easily, their fire had been poorly concealed, their camping position too far into the open. He observed for a while from a distance, picking up chatter here and there, the language he knew of, and knew some, but not very well.
The next day the scouting party went out again, this time they were to scout a different part of the mountains, Snow however, found himself curious of how the humans were doing and requested the group look into the humans saying that tales of humans always ended in the humans being greedy or destructive and stated they should observe them in case of a threat, this however was only to convince the party as he had seen nothing threatening the night before.
Upon the scouts arrival in the area near where the humans were last seen there were obvious signs of combat, a few humans lie dead, and so too did one of the attackers, a wild raptor, common in the jungle below the ridge of where they were standing, likely drawn to the humans by the fire and odd smells from their food. The scouts followed the trail of the humans to find the last three of them still engaged in combat with a few of the raptors, outnumbered they didn’t seem likely to give up. Seeing their determination for life Snow acted before he knew what he was doing, running headlong he charged directly into the fray, like a white blur he was suddenly between the raptors and the humans, the other Tabaxi shortly followed.
With the group of Tabaxi suffering only superficial wounds one of the older Tabaxi greeted the humans in their tongue, surprised the human thanked the group and asked if there were any other survivors, which there were not. As they explained, they were not merchants but a band of mercenaries sent to attempt to secure an easier route through the mountains instead of around it. The humans were escorted back to the Tabaxi village where it would be decided what to do with them.
After the elders of the village debated for the course of the week, it was decided that snow would escort the humans back to a point where they could get back to their people on their own.
Escorting them down the mountain and past part of the desert to the first human settlement took nearly a full month, during that time, Snow talked much with the humans, learning more of their spoken and written language. He learned of their mercenary band, which worked for a myriad of lords and other factions, hearing tales of lands he couldn’t even imagine. He heard of a firsthand account of the weather known as snow for the first time, something he eagerly wanted to see for himself. When they had reached their destination, he had decided he would continue further with the humans, and within the year found himself in places he had never imagined.

"Snow" on the Mountain

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